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Astrology Divination


Physical And Spiritual Diagnosis If You Dream The Following.

1.Dreaming counting money.

If you dream about this dream it shows that God will give you a financial breakthrough in your life. One is also encouraged to work hard without giving up in the field he or she is working so as God to bless the work of your hands.

2.Dreaming of buying new things.

If you dream of buying things like land, house, car, animals, and others it shows that God is about to change your status and you will have a new beginning and you are going to own something that you can call yours.

3.Dreaming to see open heaven.

If you dream of open heaven shows that God has answered your prayers for what you had been praying for and every hardship in your life has given away for massive restoration. It shows that God's blessings are coming to you.

3.Dreaming fighting a strongman.

If you dream about this dream it shows that the strongman behind your misery, such as the delay in your visions, the hardship of debts, health problems have been defeated among others. Later after dreaming this dream shows that your a going to receive deliverance such as financial deliverance, health, poverty among others. This shows that miracles will come your way.

Dreaming wearing a new garment.

If you dream about wearing a new garment, it shows that God has remembered you. The new clothes may show a new beginning of being transformed from one state of life to the other. It shows that the garments of whatever one is good through like shame, suffering, poverty, pain among others have been taken away and replaced with new garments such as power and prosperity.

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