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Kenyans Left Speechless After a Man Who Demanded to Be Buried Alive With Hope of Resurrection Dies

Kenyans have taken it to social media to express their thoughts after an incident where one man of God asked his congregants and senior church Pastor to bury him alive with the hope of resurrecting.

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Kenyans were shocked by the news which left them tongue tied. A section of them argued that he was testing his faith only for him to leave behind a troubled widow and children. Perhaps, his faith in resurrection was not enough to bring him back to life.

Others questioned why he would try to copy the Jesus Christ who Christians believe that He rose from the dead. Even so, the question others were asking is why he offered to be buried alive yet Jesus died before being buried.

The Pastor and his two attendees buried him alive trying to imitate Jesus Christ's revival.

James Sakara, who is an individual from Zion Church in the Zambian town of Chidiza, was to come back to life on the third day after his burial.

It isn't clear yet whether Sakara's request to be buried was his own decision or he was influenced by his pastor.

Here is what Kenyans had to say:

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