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Here is what you didn't know about the SDA, look at what their logo reveal about the world

According to the Millerite movement, Jesus was to return in 1844. When that failed to happen, the Seventh-day-Adventist believed they were the remnant church of God. Their preaching emphasis mostly on the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Established in 1863, the denomination mission is to proclaim to all nations the everlasting gospel in relation to the three Angel's messages of revelation 14:6-12. The messages are meant to prepare people for the second coming of Christ. The messages are as follows;

First Angel's, (Revelation 14:6) This is the everlasting gospel to preach to the word. It's the investigative judgement which calls people to worship God by keeping the Sabbath commandment.

Second Angel's, (Revelation 14:8) Babylon has fallen because she has caused nations to drink the wrath of her fornication. It's a call for people to depart from her. SDA believe that Babylon represents the Roman Catholic and protestants who have rejected the truth. They believe there are currently true believers in Babylon who worship God sincerely.

Third Angel's, (Revelation 14:9) It is a warning to those who observe Sunday as Sabbath. Adventists believe Sunday worship is the mark of the beast, which will be received at a later date.

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