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Catholic Church Bans Politicians From Addressing Congregants- Archbishop Muheria

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The Catholic Church has expressed it's dissapointment following what is happening in Kenya. This is after politicians ignoring Covid-19 protocols by forming and addressing political matters yet it was banned. Speaking on Sunday, Archbishop Muheria said this;

"We continue to be greatly impacted by the behaviour of our politicians in our country. We watch as we try to play with them but seem to be totally impervious totally ununderstanding and unconcerned."

"We have seen the number of deaths are still very high in my backyard. We have seen the number of deaths being so high that the coffins cannot supply enough for all the funerals we are having and yet our politicians are still floating around the country happily congregating people in those impromptu rallies."

Archbishop Muheria said that for the love of all people and their lives, politicians can use the more modern means of campaigns using media. They can use the TV and radios just like they did in the United States without necessarily bringing some people together in these dangerous times.

"You're welcome to our churches and seek like any other ordinary Christian. Please, do not expect to address people in our churches. Come to pray, speak to your God and leave just like that poor widow of the night. Therefore you should not expect special treatment. God knows what you need and you should go to him." Archbishop Muheria stated.

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