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Reasons why the protestant churches disagree with the catholic church, the oldest church in the world

The Catholic church was the first church to be established on earth. It as first headed by apostle Peter who acted as its first pope.

The protestant church are actually the breakaways from the catholic church. This breakage was done by Martin Luther who was a member of the catholic church but applied reason and questioned some practices in the Catholic church. Luther could later on split from the Catholic and form the Protestant church.

The problem between the catholic church and the protestants began here. There are many resins why the two churches never read from the same script. Look at them;


This was the major point that led to the split of the catholic church and the ultimate formation of the protestant churches.

The catholic looked at this as a way to ensure that priests do not get divide attention but to serve Christ alone.

Protestant on the other hand believe in the two to go together.

The Bible

The protestant churches believe in the bible as the sole book of God.

Catholics believe in the bible and other church traditions that they strictly follow.

Hold Mary

The catholics venerate the Holy Mary. They refer to her as the queen of heaven and worship her. In fact they have a legio Maria sect in the catholic church.

The Protestants do not venerate her but recognise her as the mother of Jesus.


The Catholic church believe in seven sacraments. These are baptism,confirmation,Eucharist,matrimony,penance,Hold order and unction. All Catholic Christians have to go through these church rites.

The Protestants on their side only embrace three sacraments ,the baptism,matrimony and Eucharist.

The Pope

The pope is the head of the catholic church in the world. He is said to have taken over the leadership from apostle Peter who was the first pipe of the catholic church.

The protestants see this as a dogmatic practise and claim that catholics worship human beings instead of God.

They see this as something going against the Bible.

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