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Egypt’s Al Azhar University, Lamu Muslim Scholars Call on Youth to Embrace Religion


A push to have the youth embrace religion as a way of life is being rooted in Lamu as it now emerges that there is a serious disregard for morals.

According to Muslim clerics in the county, it is increasingly becoming a custom for the youth to venture into immoral activities without regard for religious teachings.

Backed with a program spearheaded by scholars from the Al Azhar University in Egypt, the clerics are now starting to engage the youth in real teachings of the Quran, targeting a door to door campaign that seeks to have youth brought back to mosques.

Speaking at a public lecture at the Riyadh Mosque in Lamu, Sheikh Abdelmeguid Elsayed from Al Azhar said it was time religion became a key driver for the youth, noting that many of the youth were now walking away from religious teachings, and choosing a different lifestyle.

"Mosques are losing youth to the world. The number of people going to religious institutions is reducing and this should be a worry," said Sheikh Elsayed.

He notes, "Terror cells have been keen on our youth and they are relentless. If we do not go back to the roots, we may lose our youth to the world.”

Sheikh Elsayed insisted on the need for lectures to be made to become an avenue for driving the message of embracing the real religious messages and mosques tasked with the duty of enticing the youth into accepting real Islam

According to the scholars, the Quran has the right teachings but there are those who are taking advantage of the naivety of the youth, resulting in changing their course of life and moving ahead to teach the opposite.

Taking an example of Lamu, where the lecture was held, the scholars, backed by their Kenyan counterparts, insisted on the need for Muslims, especially the youth to abide by the plain teachings of Islam as the area is prone to terror recruitment cells that are increasingly targeting the youth.

The scholars, who have been on a mission in different parts of the country, spreading the gospel of embracing the real teachings of Islam and peaceful co-existence between religious outfits, noted that in the course of their studies, it has been found that there is a sharp decline in the uptake of religion, especially among the young people and it is already a point of concern.

Lamu county has been one of the most hit regions when it comes to terror attacks, with the religious outfits in the county now working towards introducing sessions that will change the notion and bring back the youth already indoctrinated.

The Al Azhar mission from Egypt has pledged to support the initiative with scholarships to youth, both within and without the country.


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