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What Does It Mean When You Dream A Hen Laying An Egg

Hen laying eggs in the dream is a network of God’s blessing connected us to fruitfulness. The number of eggs an hen laid in the dream means the number of good things that will happen to that person.

For example, if it is 5 eggs that was laid, it means 5 positive things will manifest. (Take note of the number of eggs the hen laid in the dream as this is is very important. The Bible says we should number our days. An hen in the dream is considered to be a factory for fruitfulness.

Those eggs makes it easier for an expected mother to be fruitful. This dream about hen makes it easier for a man or woman to achieve something tangible in life and destiny. So when an hen laid eggs in the dream is very important to our marriage, business, ministry, career etc, they are so important for spiritual growth and our overall health.

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