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2 Powerful Psalms You Should Say Before Going To Bed Every Night

Psalm 91 is the first Psalm, and it is a protection psalm.

You might seek refuge with the Most High God. For safety, you can resort to Almighty God.

"You are my refuge and my stronghold," I told the Lord. "My God, I trust in you."

God will protect you from unseen threats and terrible diseases.

You can go to him for help if you need it. He'll extend his wings over you like a bird does for its young.

You may trust on him to defend you and shield you from harm.

You won't be terrified at night, and hostile arrows won't bother you during the day.

You will have no fear of diseases that appear in the dark or of the dreadful anguish that occurs during the day.

You will not be harmed if a thousand or ten thousand individuals die around you!

All you have to do is look to see how the wicked are dealt with.

For protection, trust in the Lord. You have taken refuge in the Most High God.

As a result, nothing bad is going to happen to you. No sickness will be able to get close to your house.

He sends out his angels to guard you wherever you go. Their hands will save you from stumbling on the rock.

You would be able to trample lions and venomous snakes with ease.

The Lord declares: "I will save anyone who puts their faith in me, and I will protect my fans who seek my assistance.

When my fans reach out to me, I will respond. I'll be there for them if they get into trouble. I'll save them and pay tribute to them.

I'll offer my followers a long life and demonstrate my ability to save them."

Psalm 27 (ERV) is the second Psalm.

Why should I be afraid of anyone if you are my light and my Savior?

Because my life is safe with the Lord, I will not be scared of anyone!

Bad people have the ability to harm me. They are free to try to annihilate my body.

My adversaries will assault and attempt to destroy me, but they will falter and fall.

I will not be terrified if an army surrounds me. Even if I am attacked in war, I shall put my faith in Jehovah.

I simply have one request of the Lord. This is what I most desire: to live the rest of my life in the Lord's house, surrounded by His splendor and spending time in His kingdom.

When I'm in danger, he'll defend me. In his tent, he'll hide me. He'll take me to a safe location.

I'll give sacrifices in his tent with joyous yells if it will help me vanquish the foes around me.

I'm going to sing and play worship songs for the Lord. Please, Lord, pay attention to what I'm saying. Please respond in a courteous manner.

I came to you, Lord, because my heart told me to, and I came to ask for your aid. Don't abandon me. Do not resent your servant.

You are the only one who can assist me. Please, God, do not abandon me. You are the one who saves me.

Even if my mother and father abandon me, the Lord will accept me.

I have foes, therefore show me your ways, O Lord. Show me how to live properly.

My foes are pursuing me. They spread false information about me and attempted to harm me.

But I am confident that I will witness God's goodness before I die.

Seek help from the Lord. Wait for the Lord's assistance while being strong and fearless.

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