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Why Church Has Become The Center Of Prostitution And Immorality With Pastors Leading (Opinion)

The rate of immortality in society is alarming. This is the decline of the decay of moral ethics in modern society. The church is a religious institution that should be teaching its members the right way of associating with other people in the community. The Church, as a religious institution, has a responsibility to establish examples of good moral standards in society. However, the Church is not immune to the claws and threat of immorality that afflicts the modern world, as with all religious institutions. Today, I am going to share with you reasons why the church has played a vital role in moral decay in society. Here are three reasons why immorality is increasing amongst the church members.

1. Unofficial meetings between church leaders and congregants

In the church office following Sunday services, it is not uncommon to see people stopping by to chat with the pastors. Some women take advantage of the situation and disrepute the pastors because meetings are strictly confidential. After all, some attendees claim they wish to discuss their difficulties with the pastor in secret.

2. Immorality of some church leaders

Many church leaders, especially pastors, have been having relationships with married thus leading to family breakups. The pastors should show couples how to build their relationship instead of breaking marriage. This has trapped many pastors and congregation members, encouraging evil behavior such as prostitution within the church's gates.

3. Ladies wearing short dresses during services

Most ladies nowadays don't go to Church pray but prey on males. This leads to prostitution among the church members and can lead to divorces. In the broadest sense, this should be prohibited to the greatest extent possible. The Church takes action against any lady who attends the church wearing short dressing with hidden intentions. They should barn wearing such dresses in church services.

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