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7 Things That Activate The Spirit of Delay And Stagnation In Our Lives

Delay can be referred to as state of being late or slow. Stagnation on the other hand refers to being in one position despite changing times and seasons. It shows lack of progress and growth. The spirit behind delay and stagnation causes a person to miss out on very important things in their lives. It inhibits growth and hampers positive progress which affects the quality of life of a person. Here are some things that bring about delay and stagnation in a person's life:

1. Disobedience

Disobedience both to God and instructions given by well meaning people can cause stagnation and delay to creep in. This is because when we disobey, we tend to delay the manifestation of the results that we were supposed to receive after obedience.

2. Lack of discipline

It is quite impossible to make considerable progress in life if you lack discipline. This is because indiscipline limits us from making proper choices that would guarantee results and which would also help us to move forward. Discipline may involve proper time management, being respectful and hardworking, among others.

3. Lack of focus

When people lose focus, they begin to pursue other things which are of less importance. As a result, they end up wasting their time and resources which would have otherwise been used to do constructive activities and help to make progress.

4. Misplaced priorities

There are people who prioritize unimportant things and hence spend a lot of time doing them. This means that they do not concentrate on whatever would have been useful to them. As such, delay begins to set in putting most of their important activities in standby.

5. Lack of proper guidance

Some people are victims of delay and stagnation because they did not have someone to advise them accordingly on the choices to make. As a result, they end up making the wrong choices and it takes a lot of time to correct their mistakes as well as learn the right thing.

6. Lack of honour

Honour can cause a person to be promoted. Because of dishonour, some people have ended up in delay and stagnation. When there is no honour and gratitude, the stage is set for delay and stagnation to manifest in a person's life.

7. Murmuring and complaining

If you are fond of complaining, you are creating room for the spirit of delay and stagnation in your life. Murmuring and complaining is a sign of being discontented and lacking appreciation. It limits a person from making progress. For example, the Israelites were fond of complaining to God and Moses while on their journey to the promised land. This act of stubbornness angered God and caused most of them to delay in the wilderness for forty years.

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