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Divorce Affair

The Only Two Legal Grounds For A Divorce According To The Bible

When we read through the entire bible scriptures, one thing that is very clear about divorce is that God totally hates it. According to the book of Malachi 2:16, God is very clear on the subject of divorce and says that He hates divorce.

As much as God is clear on the subject of divorce, there are times when divorce becomes the only option inorder to save people that are married.

Being the standard of living, the bible has given us instructions on how a Christian couple should handle divorce. In the old testament, divorce was a common and men would easily put their wives away from home from even the simplest of reasons.

When Christ came, he introduced a new law and in one of his teachings, he handle the topic of divorce. Jesus handled the subject in the book of Matthew 19:9 when he stays, I say to you: whoever dismisses divorces his wife, except for adultery, and marries another commits adultery, and he who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.

In the above verse, Jesus compared divorce, to commiting adultery and the only legal ground for divorce is adultery.

The other person in the bible that talks about the subject is Paul who is known as the apostle of grace in the book of 1 Corinthians 7:15, in this verse Paul addresses another legal ground that can make divorce legal. In this verse, Paul says, "But if the unbelieving partner leaves, let him do so; in such a case the remaining brother or sister is not morally bound. But God has called us to peace.

In this portion of scripture, Paul talks of a person who is married to a person that is not a Christian, if the other person chooses to leave, the believer should let them go will. In such an instance Paul says that the one who remains is not legally bound and can therefore opt to move on and accept the divorce and even be remarried.

According to the bible, it's only through adultery and when an unbelieving partner chooses to leave. If there are any other reasons, the bible advises us to to look for other means of reconciliation.

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