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Ramadham 2021 Amid The Lockdown Challenge

Ramadham is the 9th month of Islamic Hijri calendar.The term 'Hijri' comes from an Arabic word for migration.It represents the Prophet Muhammad's move from the City of Mecca to the City of Medina.

Fasting remains one of the 5 pillars of Islam.Ramadhan 2021, will start around the evening of April 13.It will be observed by millions of Muslims around the globe.

However, this round Muslims are possed with a great challenge.This is due to Covid 19 pandemic.Many countries around the world have restricted public gathering.These are among the strategic measures put in place to curb the ever rising Covid 19 infections.Many mosques therefore have been closed.This means many Muslims will have to hold their fasting in their places of residence.Precautionary measures against Covid 19 are expected to be adhered to.

Muslim lunar month lasts between 29-30 days.It depends on the sighting of the new moon.This is usually on the 29th day of each month.

As Muslims begin a month of no food or drink from dawn to dusk.We wish them all the best.

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