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8 Ways To Know God’s Will For Your Life

1. Surrender Your Will

The first step to being open to God’s guidance is to surrender your will. If you present your desires to God and pray for His blessing, you are just seeking his approval and not searching for His will.

2. Walk With God

A practical step to building a close relationship with God is to set aside time every day to be with Him. Sit down and reflect on your life. Think about how you can apply His commands in your daily life.

By consistently meditating on God’s word, you will understand what He wants you to do. Just like you know what your close friends or family members would do in a given situation, you will get to know God’s will for that situation.

3. Make Time For Prayer

At times, we feel we are too busy to pray. We tell ourselves “I need more time in my life to praise God”. But the truth is that we can find time for our priorities, no matter how busy we are.

4. Obey God’s Will In The Bible

There is no point in seeking God’s will without obeying His commands that are delineated carefully in the Bible. So study God’s word and apply the written truth in your life.

5. Seek Other People’s Advice

Ask your Christian friends for advice. Share your desires with them and tell them about your walk with the Lord so far.

6. Evaluate Your Circumstances

While searching for God’s will for your life, don’t forget to take a break and relax. Look around and evaluate your situation. God may signal you in a direction through the events in your life or the people around you.

7. Reason Logically

God always acts logically and He would most definitely want you to figure things out logically. This means in addition to praying and listening to the Holy Spirit, do what you know to be true.

8. Do Not Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

Constantly thinking about the possible outcomes might make us feel stressed and anxious. Chances are, we will reject challenging projects out of fear of failure.

But our Father wants us to be strong and courageous. Submit your desires to Lord, trust in Him, take your thoughts captive and line them up with the word of God.

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