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Strong prayers to say to God during hard times and no one will stop what God has planned

This is an incredibly effective prayer for anyone who is anxious, overwhelmed, worried, or afraid. God's word strengthens us, his peace consoles us, and his grace renews and heals our lives.

I need you more than ever, God! Please send me peace in my perplexity, joy in my sorrow, and hope in my heart. Lord, strengthen me when I am weak, love me when I am powerless, and encourage me. When I am terrified, wisdom when I am foolish, comfort when I am alone, hope when I am rejected, and serenity when I am perplexed.

Oh blessed lord, you are aware of my condition and my existence; they are complicated and constrained, with no way out. I seek knowledge through the life and death of Jesus Christ. Assist me in comprehending that it contains all of the answers. By knowing Jesus, I grow in likeness to him and am transformed. Only the spirit can be resurrected when service, hardship, and anguish are transformed into glory.

Nobody sees my suffering, but you, O merciful God, demonstrate to me the freedom to offer everything to yourself. May the Holy Spirit reveal to me greater hope and joy as I give my life for others. Oh merciful lord, raise and sustain this weak spirit. Tell me that you have everything I require in your arms.

I offer this prayer in the name of your holy name. AMEN!

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