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Why It Is Highly Recommended To Pray At 3am In The Morning

Prayer is a way by which most people communicate to God. Some will prefer praying in sacred places at specific times but others will prefer and go with the belief that God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Despite all these beliefs, there is always a reason why someone needs to pray in the morning between 3am and 6am. Here is the reason why.

Such hours is when the powers of darkness are at their most active form. At such wee hours is when everybody is asleep and the devil can devour any soul around. Prayer at such moment is highly recommended. This is per the scriptures which reads that 'the kingdom of darkness is very unrelenting, so we must also be very unrelenting..'

Praying at this hour is also important as you get the chance to break through our lives. At such moments, God is always on wait for us to present our grievances and he will listen to you. You can pray about your own problems, your country's issues and as well as the family predicaments.

Such time is also the perfect time for God to release you from your chains of life. You will be a faithful person and God will consider the servant who sacrifices his sleep just to be in his presence. Am not saying that other times are not good for prayers. You can always pray to your God wherever, whenever and however you want. He will listen as he is always a faithful God.

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