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"Alhamdulilahi" Two Twin Babies Surprisingly Seeing Each Other After 1 Year Of Joint Heads (Video)

Never say 'never' since anything in life can happen whether mysterious or impossible under God's control because when God says 'YES' then absolutely there is no any single human who can go against it by saying 'NO'.

In connection to this,God has done it again following the unexpected good and shocking news of heroic doctors at the moment who have successfully managed to carry out a surgery to separate a joint head of one year old twin babies.

The news have been confirmed and revealed through the BBC Swahili recent post on their instagram page whereby the twin babies said to be from Israel have been separated and for the first time in their life they've been able to see each other face to face after a period of 12 months after their birth.

The twins whose their gender was reported to be of females have been also confirmed to be progressing on a fully recovery which took the doctors maximum of 12 hours to carry the operation at Soroka health centre in Beersheba City.

You can click to watch the full video on the link shared below.

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