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'DO NOT QUIT' Is The Word To Remind Yourself Before Retiring To Bed In The Evening.

We are the fruits of our own tongue and we are defined by what we say about ourselves. When we pronounce winnings in our business and dealings it sure comes our way. If we say we cannot do it, we are giving up all the the energy is withdrawn and we just fall like than.

The day might end and yet we have not gotten to the target we set to achieve, remember to challenge yourself to try again tomorrow. We are our own motivators and the best motivation is the one from within.

We may have to try many times before our victory, not because we don't know to do it or we don't have what it takes because that might be a test God is giving us. He is testing our patients, ambitions and determination. Human beings never tires looking for what they love until they got it in their hands.

Thanks I reading, share and follow me for motivation.

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