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Jehovah Forgives All Sin, Even Gross Sinners are All His to Save


"Base things of the world hath God chosen

1 Corinthians 1:28

Walk the streets in the moonlight, and if you dare, you will see the sick. Look at how dark the night is, how the wind is blowing, and the door is barred, and you will see the culprits. Go into a prison and walk into the wards and mark the men with drooping eyebrows, the men you don't want to meet at night, and someone is guilty. Go to the reformatories and pay attention to those who betray the immorality of the youth, and you will see more guilty there. Crossing the ocean and visiting the place where man bites man's bone, there is a perpetrator. 

Go where you will, you don't have to search the earth to find the sinners, because there are enough of them; you can find them in every lane and road in every town, city, village and town. Beloved, Holy Jesus died for all that. If you choose the most wicked of mankind, if he was born of a woman, I still hope for him, because Jesus Christ came to seek and such. Choosing love chooses the worst to choose the best. The stones of the mercy of the river became the jewels of the throne. Waste dross turns into pure gold. Saving love removes much of the worst from humanity as a reward for the Savior's passion. Effective mercy invites many evil people to sit on the mercy seat so that no one despairs.

Reader, see through the tearful eyes of Jesus, and the love that flows from those wounded with blood, the faithful love, the strong love, pure, disinterested, and eternal love; With the heart and soul of the mercy of our Saviour, we think that you should not be rejected as anything; Believe in him and you will be saved. Trust Him with your soul and He will take you to the right hand of His Father in eternal glory.

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