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Do Not Ignore These Signs From God

You are God's chosen one and He is constantly sending you the following signs

1. Praying. God is communicating to you through feelings to pray. When you feel it have a urge to pray, them God is demanding your attention.

2. Urge to read the Bible. When you feel the urge to study the word of God, it must be God trying to communicate something special to you. Open and trust that what you were guided to open a particular bible verse.

3. Thinking of helping the needy. You must have been sitting or doing your daily routines, and suddenly, series of thoughts about helping the needy comes in. That is a confirmation from the creator. Take that into actions and God will bless you.

4. Urge to preach the gospel. If you feel to preach, do it because your are the creator of the thoughts. God is commutating to you.

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