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Signs That God Has A Purpose For You

Sometimes we face so many challenges that tempt us to quit on our journey. Troubles and temptations are part of our daily lives but we should rise above them in order to reach where we are going. God knows all the troubles you are going and he cares for you. Here are signs that God has a plan for you:

1. It is evident in the Bible that God has a plan for you. A plan to make you prosper and conquer your challenges.

2. Waking up everyday. God is trying to let you know that He is giving you another chance to make things right.

3. Dreams and visions. God can use your night visions to show you the path that you should follow to make it.

4. Making new friends. God can extend your network by bringing new people to be part of your life. These people might come as a way of shaping your path.

5. Witnessing things happening around you. You might see other people that have been blessed by God as a way of getting you assured that your turn is almost near.

6. Prayers. By praying often, you get a chance to be more close to God and get to know He has for you.

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