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Exercise The Following When You Feel Like Giving Up On You Dream.

We are all in the field running the race with the aim of getting to the winning line. However mountains and valleys are our path towards the robe and we surely have to pass through it.

Many attimes we find it hard to cross these mountains and valleys and tend to withdraw from the race. Today am here to encourage you with this small item. Never give up on what you have prayed for and desire in your life

Situations becomes thougher for the purpose of making you a better person to be able to handle what you have prayed for. Do remember also that God will never put a test before that is beyond you ability.

When you feel like giving up, look back and remember how you have struggled and fought for it. The thought of giving up comes up when we are almost getting to the fruit.

Secondly remember that God is Faithful and whatsoever He has started, He will definitely accomplish it. Continue praying, be patient and trusting in God. His timing is the best.

Finally give a round of applause and be happy at your neighbours blessings. When God has blessed the neighborhood then that means that He is approaching your house.

Giving up should never be something we desire, wipe your tears from cheeks, God knows what you are going through. Don't surrender to what was yesterday, God is not done with you.

Kindly share the message to many souls and God is going to bless us together. Thank you.

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