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What To Do When God Says You Should Wait

I am still going looking for the scripture that said: "Thou shall marry early so that you and your children will be growing together... Because, if ye marries late, your children will never grow at all.

Verily verily I say unto thee, the soul that didn't marry early shall die ... Thus saith the LORD of hosts!"... Friends, let me know where to find it if you see it, please. I am talking to my fellow unmarried ones. Don't let the noisy society talk you out of the beauty embedded in the program of GOD for your life.

Don't let your parents push you into what they cannot push you out of tomorrow. Society has a voice. And it's not without significance. Abraham did not 'grow up with his child. But today, we are still talking about Isaac, the child born of old age.

Samuel came late to Hannah, but till today, you and I know that that guy was not an ordinary man. And everyone that mocked his mother for not giving birth early could not produce his kind till they died. They said Elizabeth was using Bible to deceive people in the church and that was why GOD shut her womb.

GOD was hearing it. But when heaven remembered her, a son came that fulfilled a generational prophecy. Friend, celebrate with your younger ones and friends who have happily married already and with wonderful kids. If you can, please, use your salary and make sure their weddings go very well.

Any child who is born at any child is still a child. GOD said that the seed of the righteous shall be great. Whether born early or late. Stop dancing to unnecessary pressure about marriage. Heaven has not forgotten you.

GOD hides inside time, to play politics on the devil. Time is a language Satan will never understand. It is painful to wait for GOD'S perfect time. The mockeries and the accusations. Some are when saying that you are busy sleeping with married men that is why you don't want to get married.

They have started comparing you with other people ... And you are afraid to visit some places because that's the next thing they will ask you. For they looked unto Him and their faces were lighted, and they were not ashamed.

Society calls it to waste. But GOD says you should WAIT. Don't say yes to that guy because you have dated for a long. 'Break his heart if it is not working out and wait for the right person. Brother, let them call you a heartbreaker. It is better than listening to the voice of anxiety and fear.

Sister, GOD forbid that you will continue in that relationship because you are afraid that people will say you dumped him because he doesn't have money.

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