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The Meaning Of The Writing INRI That Was Written On The Cross Of Jesus

Jesus himself died for us sinners on the cross. However, most of us just know that je died on the cross but have never gone down to know what the 'INRI' writing meant. The writing was made just exactly above his head. It was placed there by the pilate who never wanted Jesus to be who he was at that time.

INRI is an abbreviation of Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iuadaeorum that meant Jesus of Nazareth, King of the jews. It showed where a true Christian should lie at. It was all Pontius Pilate's idea and the soldiers just did the exact thing they were told.

After the nailing, the inscription was placed a above his head criticizing him. They never knew he was the Messiah until dark came covered the whole earth surface. The people who crucified him got shocked and couldn't believe that they had done such to Jesus.

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