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"No One Left In The World But You, They Have Gone To Find God, Will Meet Them Soon" Father Cries Out

The attacks in Gaza has been ongoing for the past few days. However, most people have lost their loved ones while others have been left severely injured.

However, according to Nation Africa on their tweeter account, Palestinian man lost all his family members and only one baby survived.

The man identified as Mohammad cradled the baby boy Omar after Israeli air Strikes.

The wife and four children were all killed in the night. After the strikes the rescue workers pulled the 5-months old from the arms of his dead mother but fractured the legs in three places.

"I have no one left in the world but you. They've gone to find God, we don't want to stay around here for much longer. We will meet them soon, you and I. Oh God, let it not be too long."

What do you think? We wish them a happy life. May the souls of their family members rest in eternal peace. Thanks for your time. Please endeavor to like, feel free to share your thoughts and opinion in thsectionent s,ection and also share with others.

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