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Here's the Symbolic Meaning, Significance and Reasons for Marking Ash Wednesday by Christian Faithfuls

Have you noticed that today the 17th February 2021 alot of people are walking around with an ash cross on their foreheads? Read on to learn more of its significance and meaning.

According to Catholics, Orthodox and some Protestant faithful it is the day referred to as Ash Wednesday. It marks the beginning of Lent and it comes before Easter Sunday. Lent is a 40 day season (excluding Sundays) marked by repetance, fasting, reflection of personal life in Christ Jesus and celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The number 40 is symbolical both in the Old and New testament. In the New testament, 40 day period represents Christ's time of temptation in the wilderness, where he Fasted and was tempted by Satan. It helps the christians to focus their hearts on repetance and prayer.

During this period, Christians show repentance and mourning for their sins, because they believe Christ died for them.

Why ash is used?

Ash symbolizes death and repetance. "Ashes are equivalent to dust, and human flesh is composed of dust or clay ( Genesis 2:8) and when a human corpse decomposes, it returns to dust or ash".

Reasons why receive ash on the forehead

1. It reminds Christians of their origin from dust.

2. Is a sign of repetance and or penance.

3. A sign of humility.

4. Accepting our nothingness without God.

5. A reminder that God is our creator.

6. A sign of the transforming power of God, who can change dust to living human beings.

7. A reminder of the inevitability of change and death.

8. A sign of commitment to self denial and obedience to God's will.

9. A sign of hope in God's mercy and love.

All the best to all those participating in the Lent period. May God's blessings be upon us all.

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