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7 Reasons People Come and Go Out of Your Life


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When friends you thought would be in your life forever begin to disappear, you first think you have done something wrong to run them away. When you realize you have done nothing to offend them, you wonder why they left without telling you why. The truth of the matter might not be about you at all.

There are reasons God moves people out of your life just as He moves people into your life.

God Moves People Out of Your Life

You might get upset or worry about why your friend has disappeared from your life. It might surprise you that it happens not because of something you have done or not have done.

You are not always the cause of people moving out of your life. It is not even about you or the other people. Neither party might have any control over the situation. It is because God is the one who moves people out of your life just as He moves people into your life.

Here are at least seven reasons God may move people from your life.

1. It Is God's Plan

God will either move people out of your life to fulfill His divine plan or move people into your life for the same reason. He allows people to be in your life for a season. When that season is over, God removes the person out of your life for your benefit, for the other person's benefit, and especially for His own purpose.

2. The Relationship Might Have Become Toxic

Friendships fade after they have served their purpose. When we try to hold on to a friendship after God has spoken against it, we go against God's plan. Besides that, the person might have become toxic towards you without you realizing it.

In cases where God moves people out of our lives, we must trust God because He sees what we don't see and hear what we don't hear. God sees the heart of those who are no longer for us. Therefore, God may remove someone from your life in order to protect you from a toxic relationship.

When God sees a person is a bad influence, He removes that person from our lives. That person might be dragging you down instead of building you up. Relationships aren't healthy when one person dominates the other. A relationship should not be a one-way street. When that happens, God puts you with someone who doesn't manipulate or control you.

3. The Person Might Be Needed Somewhere Else

God has a plan for everyone, including the person He is moving out of your life. He might be needed some other place with someone else to fulfill their next assignment to fulfill God's purpose.

If a person was a very good friend or a romantic partner, then the removal may be difficult to understand. Even so, we must accept God's ordained removal of that person from our life.


4. Time Is Over for the Relationship

Sometimes God removes someone from your life because it is time for the relationship to be over. God knows us and will only allow things to happen in our lives that are in accordance with His plan.

5. God Has Better Things in Store

When we establish a friendship or a deep relationship with someone, we want it to last forever or a very long time. We grieve the loss because there is an empty hole in our hearts. We have no idea what God has in store for us or who He is preparing to come into our lives.

When God removes someone from your life, don’t run after that person or beg anyone to stay. Trust that when God removes someone, He does it because He has something better in store for you.

6. To Make Room for Someone Else

God may remove someone from your life to make room for someone else who might need you more. You might need what a new person has to offer. Therefore, God pairs the two of you for the benefit of both of you.


7. More Dependent on Someone More Than on God

The very first of the Ten Commandments says, "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me." It is found in Exodus 20:2 and repeated in Deuteronomy 5:6. God is a jealous God, and He will not take second place to anyone. Therefore, when a person begins to depend on people instead of on God, God will separate the people so He can help first place in both of their lives.



Friends may drift apart when their lives and they no longer have much in common. God knows the relationship is falling apart long before people do. Therefore, He helps them out by separating them for the greater good.

When God moves people from your life, let them go. If you hold on to them after God gives them their exit papers, the relationship will no longer flourish. It will be a struggle to enjoy a loving relationship like the two of you once experienced.

Trust that God evaluates a relationship before removing a person from your life. He knows the relationship is over long before you know it is. A very good sign is when the relationship is exhausting to maintain.

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