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Say This Mighty Prayer Every Morning And Watch Miracles Happen

A morning Prayer

Dear God, Thank you for this beautiful day. Thank you for giving me the chance to see this day. Thank you for loving me despite my sins. Forgive me all my sins even the ones committed uknowingly.

Oh Lord forgive me all my inequalities and expand horizons of my territories.

As I start this day, I pray for your guidance and your protection. Direct my path and teach me the right thing to do.

Let my words and actions be ones that bring honor to your holy name. I depend on you in every step of my life, for you are ALPHA AND OMEGA. Multiply my possession so that I bless others as well. Make me financially stable and a conqueror. Hold and secure all that I've in the name of Jesus.

Thank you Lord for an answered prayer. Through Jesus Christ I pray and believe. AMEN!

Praying every morning allows you to be a conqueror throughout the day. Always depend on prayer for Miracles to happen in your life. Every prayerful person is a powerful one. If there is somebody to pray, there is God in Heaven to ANSWER.

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