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5 UnfortunateThings That Can Happen In The Life Of A Person Who Fights The Work Of God-Opinion

Great disaster awaits those who are a barrier to the progress of the work of God. It may not be sudden but it is imminent if these people are not willing to change. This is because anyone that becomes a hindrance to God's work is delaying God's purposes from being accomplished and preventing those who would have otherwise been transformed from experiencing their transformation. However, this does not mean that God's work can be completely stopped by any man.

Fighting God's work involves all efforts channeled towards limiting the propagation of the gospel, persecuting Christians for their faith and labour in God's vineyard, blackmailing genuine servants of God, among others. Although there have been several attempts to stop the progress of the work of God and the Gospel, all of those efforts have yielded no fruits. In fact, they have only served to strengthen and reinforce the move of God. As Matthew 16:18 says, Jesus Christ has founded the church upon the rock and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

God is merciful. However, when the cup of God's wrath is filled, he punishes the unrepentant sinners. He executes punishment on those who oppose His work. The following things can happen to a person who fights the work of God:

1. You may be stricken by death

The bible in the book of Acts records of a certain King Herod who was responsible for the death of apostle James. He had gone ahead to arrest Peter so that he would be martyed. Unfortunately, while people were hailing him and cheering him up, God's angel struck him such that he was eaten by worms and he died instantly (Acts 12:21-23). This was because of his pride and disregard for God. In verse 24, the bible records that the word of God continued to increase and spread.

2. You may tortured by plagues

Fighting God's work could attract serious plagues in the form of sicknesses, pestilence and other form of attack. This was the case for Pharaoh and the Egyptians. Moses had approached him with an instruction from God that he should release the Israelites to go and worship God (Exodus 5:1). However, Pharaoh refused to honour God's word and became stubborn despite numerous efforts by Moses to persuade him. As a result, God sent 10 plagues that resulted in great loss and pain in the entire Egypt. Pharaoh had to eventually release them.

3. You may earn a curse

As a result of being a barrier to the progress of God's work, one may get a curse. This is seen in Acts 13:8-11 when a man called Elymas was cursed by apostle Paul and he became blind because of preventing another person from knowing the truth of God's word. Be careful so that a curse will not be pronounced against you on account of fighting God's work.

4. God himself may decide to punish you

It is very bad when you annoy God to the extent that He comes down to confront you by himself. Apostle Paul persecuted the church by killing Christians and sending others to prison. Eventually, he had an unusual encounter with Jesus and he was blinded on the spot. Jesus questioned him telling him that by persecuting the church, he was simply persecuting Jesus (Acts 9:3-5). Later on, Paul's life is transformed and he becomes an instrument for the propagation of the gospel.

5. Your life is shortened

The person who fights God's work may not live long because their life is cut short either by illness or suffering. God may not allow such a person to live long because of their evil actions.

In conclusion, we should all endeavor to participate in the building up of the body of Christ rather than tearing it up. Sadly, some Christians are behind the downfall of the work of God. It is time to change and if in any case you have been fighting the work of God, there is room for repentance. God is merciful and willing to forgive those who are ready to change.

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Christians Matthew


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