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"Am Proudly SDA But I Don't Follow Everything, " Millie Odhiambo Says Amid Debate on The Church

Suba North member of parliament Millie Odhiambo has weighed in on the discussion online after last weekend's happenings where an SDA pastor chased away bridesmaid's from a wedding. This brought a lot of debate on religious extremism. The pastor sent away the bridesmaid's for wearing make up, wearing revealing clothes and also not being members of the denomination.

Mabona writes that she is a Seventh Day Adventist adherent but does not follow al that is required of them. Nevertheless she says that she remains a proud Seventh Day Adventist.

The church is majorly in Western Kenya where it is predominant. The luo Nyanza counties, Kisii counties and Nairobi are areas where the church has large following. The church has some rules such as women should wear scarfs on their hair so as not to reveal their hair, also they worship on Saturday. Millie Odhiambo worships at Nairobi Central SDA. The church has however issued an apology that they welcome people to worship with them, only that they have church rules and regulations to be followed.

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