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Major Signs That God Is With You

1. He allows you to go through a difficult situation with ease.

The situation that even people around you will be surprised how you mange to overturn it. This happens alot in our living such that if asked how we made it through we lack words to explain it. This is a sign that God has never left your side.

2.He keeps you away from dangers.

For example we have heard of case while travelling where you miss a bus by just a minute, you get disappointed but later understand that it was God working since the bus you missed got a terrible accident.

3. He gives you a reason you should get up every morning and push through life even though basically everything you are facing gives you a reason to give up.

4. You constantly meet with new people whom you will later realize that they are meant to help you in the journey to your destination.

Thanks for reading this inspiration.

Content created and supplied by: Sharonm (via Opera News )


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