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The Only Sin That Can Never Be Forgiven In Islam

In Islam, one is never forgiven regardless of how many sins he has done. However, Allah will not forgive one sin. Please read on to find out more if you wonder which one. 

Muslim claims, Allah has no partners, descendants, or mates. This fundamental Islamic belief is the "tawhid" (belief in monotheism). He's worthy of our adoration alone. Therefore it is considered a great and unforgivable sin to give your partners or colleagues to Allah. The awful sin is not forgiven until one dies unrepentantly. 

Shirk: Islam's unforgiving sin

The opposite of tawhid is called "shirk," or Allah's association. It is also referred to as polytheism. Just put, shirk is a sin in Islam that cannot be forgiven (If a person dies without repenting). Uniting a partner or others with Allah is a refusal of Islam and taking a partner without confidence. 

In Quaran 4:48 this is explicitly mentioned. 

"Allah does not, however, forgive Him for putting partners in worship with Him; but He forgives other than what He can find" 

An individual can involve himself intentionally or accidentally by various actions, including:

1. You want and want something other than Allah to find your purpose in life out of the pursuit of material things.

2. Supply or seek help, guidance, and protection from others other than Allah. 

3. To believe that the healing or luck of things has special "power" to write the Koran or any other Islamic symbol. 

4. Obedience to others above Allah, showing that, if ye deserve, you are prepared to disobey Allah's guidance. 

5. Practicing magic or telling of sorcery is practicing the seeing of the invisible, of the invisible, but only the knowledge of Allah. 

Learning about shirk will help us escape this in any way. I hope you learned?

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