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The 3 Countries Where You Can Be Persecuted For Being A Christian

Read below;

We have religious freedom in most of our countries since the countries are not affiliated with anyone's faith. If you travel to some nations, you will see how Christians are persecuted. Persecution can begin as soon as you reveal your faith as a Christian in these countries.

We read in the Bible about how the Children of God were persecuted. Saul Anchored the Persecutions until God chose to convert him and make him one of the persecuted people. In many nations, being a Christian is a death sentence.

You risk being persecuted or killed if you are a Christian in such countries. 

Three of these countries are listed below;

1. Iran

Iran is a Muslim-majority country that follows Islamic law. These laws prevent Christians from carrying out their religious duties. Christians are not permitted to share their faith with non-Christians in this country, which means they are not permitted to preach to non-Christians. If a Muslim agrees to be converted by Christians, he or she must expect to be persecuted.

If caution is not exercised throughout the conversion, the convert may end up in jail. This is a country where our Christian brothers and sisters live in fear. Only God can assist them as they continue in their service to God.

2. Afghanistan

Another country where being a Christian is dangerous is Afghanistan. Because Islam is the official religion in Afghanistan, any other religion is in jeopardy. Converting to a faith other than Islam is considered treason since it is perceived as a betrayal of one's family, tribe, and country.

When a Muslim converts to Christianity, he or she becomes an enemy of his or her family and friends, and he or she may be attacked.

3. South Korea

Everything in South Korea has been centered on idolizing the Kim family for decades. It is a serious violation to worship anything that is not tolerated. Christians are persecuted by non-Christians in this country.


There are Christians in those countries, like you or me, who are not giving up proclaiming God's word to the people. They are being persecuted, but they will not forsake God as long as the early Christians in the Bible were persecuted and did not renounce God. May God continue to keep them safe.

What are your thoughts about these countries where you can persecuted for being a Christian?

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