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Eng John Mosonik Attended Church Service At Tuyobei AGC Bomet Central Sub County

While political leaders goes around to assist and motivates people in the country Eng John Mosonik attended church service at Tuyobei AGC.During the church service for fundraiser towards the construction of Tuyobei AGC at Kwenik ab Ilet Ndaraweta in Bomet Central Sub County he stressed on the need for concerted efforts among all members of the community.

Mosonik said while religious leaders are non political,they play a key role on towards providing guidance and direction on the growth and development in the country.He said people when brought up by the church their behavior becomes good.He said if they join hands they are certain that they are going to surmount the challenges.

John Mosonik said in the contemporary societybwhere they are faced with numerous challenges the leaders must speak out against the ills bedeviling the people.He said they should not allow the people to continue suffering when they can take responsibility by shaming the bad leaders that they installed in the public Offices.

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