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8 Signs That Show You Are Doing Well In Life.

Life is a journey, it's a process and a stage too. You usually go through stages in life until the end. You go through birth, marriage, and death( According to my community). Now let's get to what will prove that you'll pass through all those stages successfully.

1. You have a roof above your head.

This is to say, if you live in a house, you gotta now appreciate it because it's a way of being successful in life. You know what you are on the right track.

2. You ate today.

Food is a basic need that is very useful in our lives. For example, the energy you are using now to read this article is based on the food you are! So if you had something to take into your stomach today, let it be known to you you are doing great in life.

3. You drink pure water.

You can stay for about 4 to 5 days without eating, but you can't stay for 2 days without water. Water is a resource that is very helpful in our daily lives. You had some today? You are cool to go for life.

4. You have a good heart.

Many rich billionaires in the world is a charity giving to people. They donate their wealth to the poor and orphanages. My dear reader if you possess that kind heart of helping, you'll be successful.

5. You wish good for others.

Do you know words that may encourage and discourage a person? The way you speak to others determines you are a good person or just filling the earth. Your words are like throwing a stone into the sea. You don't know how deepest it may go. Choose your words carefully.

6. Someone cares for you.

This is the same as you got a person who loves you. Love is a beautiful thing created by God. This is a unique feeling. Your lovers play a better role in your life. When life hits you, they encourage you to continue. So if you gave that special person, congrats!

7. You are breathing.

If you are alive it means you are doing well with your life. You got the brIngs and heart inclined to think about what you want to do.

8. You have clean clothes

It's not easy to wear good looking clothes. If you got some, you can use them to empower yourself. You are doing great in life.

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