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Morning Encouragement Before Starting Daily Duties

One of the best ways to enter into every day empowered, inspired, and intentional is to begin each day by spending time with God.

It’s so easy in the morning to pick up our phones and begin to look at our text messages and our emails, and to check out what’s happening on social media.

But in that small action, we are filling ourselves with the wrong things right from the start. Before we check in with the world, we should check in with God.

We should fuel ourselves with His Word, His promises, and His proclamations, and then we’ll enter each day with more power. He is our source. He knows what we need. If we are going to be our best and live exceptionally, we need to get in the habit of spending time with God every day.

Life has a way of trying to bring us down, discount us, and cause us to forget our true identity. People may judge us, leave us out, and make us feel unqualified.

None of that determines who you are—God has already called you and qualified you. You may have made some mistakes. We all have, but that doesn’t change your value in the eyes of God. He loves you. Not because of your performance, not because you do everything perfectly, but because you are His child.

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