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Former Makenzie's Friend Alleges Former Makenzie's Friend Alleges How He Trooped Members Into Shakahola Forest & Fell Into His Trap

A former follower of Makenzie has revealed about how Pastor Paul Mackenzie was able to convince his several church followers that they should fast to death. 

This happened in an interview with Citizen TV. The ex-follower talked about how the preacher conned his followers by selling the Shakahola forest land, which he doesn't own.

This is when Pastor Mackenzie then brainwashed his followers to fast to death. It has then been alleged that there were actually more than 300 families and a total of 1,500 trooped into Shakahola forest fell into his trap.

One netizen has said that he should also be forced to first the same way he did to his innocent followers. I can actually imagine someone convincing me not to eat. Well, the luhya in me will not tolerate that nonsense. He will eventually be released and the same followers will say "it is the power of prayers".

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