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Two Things That a Catholic Should do Everyday

As a member of the Roman Catholic Church, there are some things you are required to do to fulfill the mission of Christ entrusted to all His followers. When we talk of two things, it may not necessarily mean only two but it encompasses several other actions within the broader category.

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First of all, as a Catholic Christian, it is an obligation that you attend the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and prays regularly. However, prayer is communication to God through meditation, novenas, or through prays to different Saints in the Church.

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Secondly, as devout Christian, we should be able to help to needy in our society and contribute to the support of the church. Many people need our help every day of our livers and as Catholics, the commandments of the church dictate that we support the church by contributing ten percent of our earnings to support the clergy and run the activities of the Church smoothly.

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