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Size 8's Recent Post Sparks Reactions Online

Our queen of hit making and our heroine in the ministry of the gospel of jah has brought out another sensitive and important point once more. Size 8 has manifested that the beauty of being ordained in the work of jah is very fruitful and that one starts to experience super natural things in their life. However when these supernatural things start to occur in a person, they always give praise to God.

Honestly speaking, we have witnessed through linet Munyali that God never allows those whom He loves and those who fix their faith in him to go astray.Each and every time linet Munyali testifies upon the power of the Lord, great things occur in her life. God has protected linet Munyali and her family through very bad circumstances and they have managed to come out as winners.

Netizens were impressed with the actions of Linet Munyali and did this in regards to that.

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Linet Munyali Munyali Size 8


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