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Spare a minute to read today is word of God

Today's word from God

In Genesis 35, Rachel was in such agony and grief just before she died during childbirth that she named the infant Ben-Oni, which translates as "son of my anguish." Historically, a child's name determined the trajectory of their life. She had foretold a horrible, painful, and depressed existence for him. Jacob intervened and changed his name to Benjamin, which means "son of my right hand, son of my power." Jacob will not allow his son to think of himself as a bereaved son, as restricted and defeated.

Those who should have spoken words of faith over you, affirmed you, and declared you successful, talented, and a work of art may have done the opposite.

If they labeled you as a failure, not good enough, or untalented, the good news is that God's label for you takes precedence above the labels of others. Allow no one's harsh remarks about you, your upbringing, or the things you lacked to dictate your fate. Change your name to the one given to you by God.

Today's Personal Prayer

We are grateful to you, Father, because you are the only one who has the ability to name me. Thank you for bestowing upon me a moniker that trumps all prior monikers and all of my previous imperfections. I shall take on the name you have given me and transform into the person you claim I am. In the steadfast name of Jesus, Amen

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