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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Cautious Of The People You Share Your Dreams With

Dreams always have a deep meaning. If keenly observed and followed up, they can have a major impact in our lives. Some dreams have provided direction and warning to some people. They are very important hence should never be ignored by any person who is concerned about their future.

On the other hand, there are certain people who can also be referred to as dream chasers or star hunters. These people can go to any length to ensure that none of your dreams ever comes to pass. They can be rightly termed as malicious because they never desire good for anyone. They are curious to know people's plans and pretend to care when in real sense they plot the darkest schemes that will see your downfall.

In this context, the lives of Joseph and Jesus will be relevant examples. Joseph is an example of a person who shared his dream with the wrong people (his brothers) who eventually plotted to kill him. Jesus on the other hand was sought after by King Herod after he received news that a king had been born in Bethlehem. Had it not been for God's divine intervention, Herod would have probably killed him before he accomplished his divine assignment. The lives of Joseph and Jesus have important lessons that we should all endeavor to learn from. The following are a few reasons why you should be cautious of whoever you share your dreams with:

1. They could interpret it wrongly

Sometimes we may encounter dreams which become a little bit difficult to discover the meaning. As a result, we may be led to approach other people in order to get the interpretation of these dreams. While this may be a good initiative, it is not the best because some people may interpret our dreams wrongly. As a result, they may advice you to take the wrong action that could possibly ruin your destiny.

2. Sharing your dreams can attract hatred/jealousy

Sharing your dreams with the wrong people could cause them to hate you and even plan evil against you. For example, Joseph innocently shared his dream with his brothers not knowing it would cause them to be jealous of him. Genesis 37 narrates how his dreams foretold that he would become a great person and that his brothers would bow down before him later in their lifetime. On account of his dreams, he was sold out into slavery by his brothers because he had become a bother to them with his dreams.

3. Some people may stop your dream from manifesting

Because of hatred that springs up from sharing your dream with the wrong people, some of them may go to the extent of stopping your dream from coming to pass. If they see that it is a good idea you have received through your dream, they may discourage you from pursuing it so that they can steal the idea from you instead.

In conclusion, we should be careful of the people we open up to. However, we should not be conceal everything especially if the dream could benefit others. We should share with the people we are comfortable with and whom we trust. As you exercise caution, pray so that God will give you a better understanding of your dreams so that you don't fall prey to malicious people.

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