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"Siku Hizi Ni Kubad" Naivasha Ladies Spike Drink To Teach A Rich Man A Lesson

Hillariously allow me to say,"The grand daughters of Jezebel are performing what they were instructed to do with their matriach Delilah."For the Bible scholars i hope you will relate it with the incident below.

Recently there has been rise in cases of where ladies use "mchele" to rob many of their drunkard clients in home parties or while in the bar and also it could be at homes where the joint parties are to take place.

"Mchele" in this case is a substance that sends your mind to unconciousness when put mostly in alcoholic drinks.Therefore this is what ladies nowdays have been using without the consent of the rich men around them during refreshments,only to empty their pockets.

In connection to this,a prominent wheat farmer from Narok has been reported to have not recovered from the schock of losing Ksh 800,000 after a night out with a group of ladies in Naivasha.

The man had just sold his wheat and decided to go to Naivasha and enjoy the fruits of his sweat.Unfortunately,he was caught unaware by ladies who spotted him in one of the well-known club in the are who ended up teaching him the hard way.

Therefore as much as you are excited while enjoying your fruits,remember there are 'dangerous owners of the streets'.

Content created and supplied by: Muruka (via Opera News )

Jezebel Naivasha Narok Siku Hizi Ni Kubad


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