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Jesus Wasn't Raised By Single Mother: Pastor Urges Couples Not To Flee Unions, Sparks Debate Online.

The preacher urges couples to fix their crumbling unions instead of breaking up.He references the Bible in which it has been written that Joseph did not walk out on Marry despite the latter falling pregnant through the Holy Spirit.

"If we fix our families, we fix our country," he says.

Netizens flooded his comment section and here are some of their mixed reactions that i have sampled:

𝐀𝐧𝐧: Someone tell this man that not every union is of God.... If he has spiritual eyes he should know.

π•πšπ₯: So we must keep toxic bonds to fix our countryΒ  Woow!!

π‹πžπšπ‘: Come slowly pastor.Single parents are half the population.Today....Marriage a thorn in the flesh....

π‚πšπ­πž: Stupid pastor doesn't know there are abusive marriages where people die in the name of kuvumilia!

π€π π§πžπ¬: Yoo...gone are days when women used to be abused in the name of submission.You do me I do you....Some unions are NOT worth fighting for....

π’πšπ₯π₯𝐲: What is your issue with single mothers you're not shaming the fathers of those children

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