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"Does Dressing Matter In Church?" Kenyans React After This Church Photo Goes Viral

How Should One Dress for Church?

The Bible's teachings about dress cannot be applied directly to today's situation. Attending church in biblical-era clothing: a cloak, tunic, sandals and a turban or veil, would cause quite a disruption in most churches! But the general principles of modesty and propriety can be applied. Standards of dress are different from church to church and change over time, but we should avoid any style of dress that sends a message opposing the church community's values.

Nowadays, female worshippers can wear anything to church as long as it’s decent including trousers. This is very different from the good old days. 

It has even gone to the extreme that the Female pastors have adopted sophisticated lifestyles and apart from living in posh houses, driving expensive cars, they also wear designer clothes and shoes and of late many have been wearing trousers even on the pulpit.

In the past, especially in old churches female pastors were only allowed on the pulpit dressed in long dressed unlike nowadays. 

In regards to this, Kenyans have reacted after reverend Lucy Natasha posted this photo on social media. 

According to the the photo, a young lady and man can be see adressing the congregation but what caught the eye of Kenyans is there dress code. 

Kenyans had different views on how one should dress while going to church. 

Below are some of the reactions;

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