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The Powerful Man Who Changed Sabath From Saturday to Sunday

Every week, God designates one day as a day of rest and worship. The Israelites were commanded in the Ten Commandments to observe a Sabbath on the seventh day of the week. In ancient times, Jewish people rested on Saturdays to honor the Sabbath, which ran from Friday evening through Saturday night. Some Christians observe a day of worship on Sunday to honor the day they received the Holy Spirit and the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead. 

The identity of this individual. 

Constantine the Great was born in what is now Serbia around 272 AD. He became Emperor when his father, who had been holding the drone, passed away. In spite of having spent the most of his life practicing pagan beliefs, that individual began to convert to Christianity and develop strong antipathy for his former religions. The practice of sun worship soon spread when he later visited Catholic and Orthodox churches. He stopped persecuting Christians and pushed for churches to be built around the empire. 

So, what prompted him to alter the Sabbath? 

Constantine ordered that the Eucharist be performed on the opening day of the weeklong festival of community devotion (Sunday). Its mandate does not imply any specific restrictions from the Mosaic law. He argued that the Sabbath is celebrated every day and that only Moses and the Israelis followed such stringent regulations as male circumcision and animal sacrifices before Abraham. He told the Romans that the early humans (including Adam, Abel, Enoch, and Lot) did not keep the Sabbath but were nevertheless accepted by God. 

His death and subsequent burial 

Although he was still exceedingly unwell, he took the choice to go to the Jordan River to be baptized, knowing that his time on earth was short. After his untimely death on the drive back to his house, he was laid to rest in the church cemetery.


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