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REVEALED: 3 major reasons why giving tithes is important. Leviticus 27:30-32

Many of us know what a tithe is but rarely do we give this amount to the church even after knowing the importance. Most people seem to claim that corruption has spread to all sectors and therefore fear that their money might be embezzled instead of being used for the intended purpose and they end up keeping it or giving it to a charity or even a children's home. But have you asked yourself why tithing is important as emphasized in the Bible?

Here are three major reasons:

1.A tithe is holy to God

The first 10% of our income is a sacred responsibility and serves as our desire to place God first in our lives, Tithes belong to God and by returning it to Him we support the gospel ministry throughout the world.

2.God loves a cheerful giver(2 Corinthians 9:7)

God wants to bless us above and beyond. An offering is a response to God's goodness.

"it were better not to give at all than to give grudgingly; for if we impart of our means when we have not the spirit to give freely, we mock God".

3.Station development fund

Tithes help in station development: churches, schools, land and other institutions.

"It is dishonoring to God for our churches to be burdened with debt. This state of things need not exist. It shows wrong management from beginning to end and it is a dishonor to the God of heaven.

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