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Divorce Affair

"I Sacrificed My Marriage To Minister The Word Of God:Pauline Wambui Narrates

Pauline who is a mother of six children decided to divorce her husband after she had a call to the service of God.The husband was always against her choice to enter into ministry.

The call she says came one day as she was doing her usual prayers and she started speaking in tongues something she did not understand at all at the time.

Later that day when the husband came home she decided to tell him what had happened to her .She claims the husband told her to repeat the prayers so he could also witness. when she did the husband told her to leave his house and he never wants prayers there.

Pauline decided to go back to her fathers house and there everybody was afraid and did not want to associate with her and therefore she and her six children were forced to be sleeping in the kitchen.

When she went back to her husband's house the husband told her to choose between ministry to God and him and she choose God's ministry. Pauline then decided to divorce her husband.

People she says mistook her for a mad woman until she started healing the sick.God's ministry became her full time job and she says she will never leave the Ways of God.

It has been a long time since she divorced her husband and started to minister the husband remarried but Pauline has no regrets of leaving him to serve God.


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Pauline Pauline Wambui


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