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3 Ways To Grow In The Fear Of The Lord

1. Study God’s word.

To grow in the fear of the Lord, we want to center our focus on God’s word for everything we need to know about God. We also find in the pages of Scripture why we are to fear him. Indeed, if we are not in the Word, we cannot expect to grow in holy fear of God. The Puritan John Bunyan spent years in prison for his faith. He wrote an excellent book on fear, and in it, he noted the importance of being in God’s word.

2. Remember God’s works.

Are you forgetful like me? I forget the names of people I’ve previously met. I forget birthdays. I forget passwords. But what is far worse is that I forget who God is and what he has done. 

God’s people were forgetful as well. When Moses came to deliver them from slavery to Pharaoh, they saw amazing signs and wonders. They saw the angel of death pass over their homes while the rest of Egypt woke up the next morning to the death of all their firstborns.

3. Pray for greater fear.

Last, but certainly not least, we can pray for greater fear. Prayer is a privilege given to the children of the Father, one purchased for us by our elder brother, Jesus Christ. When we pray, we respond to what we’ve learned in God’s word. Prayer is how we abide in and live out our unity with Christ. As we pray to him, we receive from him all the benefits of our union.

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