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Why You Should Thank God For Giving You Hope

Kindness not only feels good, but it is also good for you. Performing good deeds for others takes your mind off of your troubles and fosters relationships with those around you and in your community. You may even make a difference for someone else who is struggling.

You can't control everything, but you can control something. Focus on the things that you can change for the better, no matter how small. Work with what you have one step at a time.

Tears are always a part of it..for what are we on this earth? So difficult to understand and sometimes we can say it's hopeless. Thank you for sharing this, maybe we can say that though how difficult life we are hoping there might be a shadow of light that comes on our way...thank you LORD for giving us HOPE.

Sometimes when someone does something great we feel we can even do it better than what he or she has done. Remember that what is difficult for you is easy for someone but your difficult time cannot beat beyond your strength.

You will only lose hope in your difficult time when you lack knowledge, your knowledge is based on your maturity and is based on how you will act in time of your difficult time.

As long you can be in the situation your hope becomes strong you pass through a lot. Hope is in us we are born with it A baby cries with the hope of the mother will pick him up.

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