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Signs God is Preparing You For a Breakthrough

If you want to know if you are close enough to your breakthrough,you can read the following signs if God is already preparing you for it;

1•Challenges keep coming_One of the signs that your breakthrough is coming is the numerous obstacles coming your way. Does it seems like you're bombarded by problems lately? Do you feel as if something or someone is stopping you from moving forward.

Probably it is the devil not wanting you to discover what God has in store for you. Or maybe it is God Himself testing and purifying you for your up coming breakthrough.

2•You are being pushed to yourself limit

God may allow you to be tested so much that you would reach the point of breakthrough. It may seem cruel and heartland,but the Lord maybe want you to learn something before you can reach your breakthrough.

3•God seems silent lately _Do you feel bad that God does not seem to hear your prayers lately?Does it seem like you cannot feel His presence noe the way you did before? One thing is far sure.He has not left you.And contrary to what you feel,He still listens to your prayers,and He knows exactly how to answer them at the right time.

God id silent again,because He is testing your faith.

4•God takes away harmful people and things from your life _If God is leading you to a breakthrough,He will be in the process of purifying will include removing the people,activities and other things that are influence you negatively. These could be those that distract you from fulfilling your calling in life.

Instead of hating God for removing you from a toxic relationship or destructive habit,thank him.He is simply preparing you for something greater than what you har lost.

5•The Lord disciplines you_God will allow you to be broken in pain if you continue to live in is not because He hates you but because He loves you. Believe that God loves you as His child and just like how a good father disciplines his child. The Lord will discipline you,too,if needed. He knows that you cannot experience His full glory unless you turn from your wicked ways.

6•God reveals His purpose for your pains_You would know that your breakup is coming if you finally understand the reasons behind your previous pain.For instance,it could be because God was disciplining you.Or it could be because He was increasing your faith and moulding your character.

You are ready for a breakthrough the moment you can finally thank God for the hardship you have survived. It means that He has finally revealed to you that those challenges were only tests of faith and you have passed.

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