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Oppression from the church


I love churches, I love the church teachings and I like when a clergyman condemns anything bad that happens in our society.

I love balanced teaching, from prosperity teachings, to Soul change teachings, I like that preacher who can preach the real things that are written in the Bible and who doesn't shy to preach messages which correects the congregates, on fear that people will run away from the church.But not a preacher who dwells on one topic on each and every service he hosts.

A photo of christian praising God in their church.

It is 21st century and there are more churches continuing mushrooming, some of these churches are being opened in order to opress the less fortunate in the society.

The main message on these churches every day they have a service is about prosperity and how God can bless you when you give to the church.

Am not saying giving is bad, but the worst part of it is that some churches forces some of their congregates to give anything they have left with, with assurity of getting more than what they have after some hours. Others tell their people eve to give the money set aside for rent affirming to them that the landlord will not lock their doors.

Since the congregation has been brainwashed by the preacher, those with thin mind follow the suite by giving all what they have, and in the evening they go home and sleep empty stomach and for those who gave money for rent, they end up being locked out of their houses leaving them with no option.

This is unethical since the church has to play a role in feeding those who are ineed but not asking them to give even the little they can use to buy githeri to quinch the stomach's hunger.

Giving your ten percent is not a problem, this is in the Bible, though the Bible states it clearly that the man of God can use the offerings and tithes given to him to do anything they want.

But it's so unfortunate that some pastors use this messages wrongly by using the offerings and tithe by feeding their side chicks instead of helping the needy families. The side chick would later expose the acts to their friends, after few days, they will be dumped to a dustbin even after the pastor has impregnated them.

Some of the church servants, like guitarist, pianist, praise and worship teams especially male, find themselves in-between hard rocks as they serve in the church.

This gender is being oppressed as they are not given some cash to sustain themselves as they serve in the ministry. The church sometimes doesn't consider of giving them some monthly upkeep as they serve in the church.instead, the money supposed to go to them goes to pastor's Mpango wa kando.

I met John a servant in one the church, here he tells me his predicaments. " I serve in our church as praise and worship and also assist in evangelical work,but the problem we have is how we can also grow financially, because sometimes we are not given anything. we have rents to pay,we need to clothe,parents depends on us. This one leaves us less motivated" said John.

I asked him about the source of funds for the church and he tells me the church receives enough money from tithes and offerings,but the money is diverged to womens and girls who are believed to be pastors side chicks.

"When we ask if we can look for a job, we are being told that there is no need to look for a job, it would be better if we serve in the church and God will open doors for us" says John.

The gospel of prosperity has blindfolded many christians especially the ghetto guys.

It is time to wake up and know that there is no prosperity when you just sit and wait for a miracle to happen to you, go to work, give God his tithe, support what you can and make sure you save something for your future.

To our preachers, it is time to preach the real gospel of God, we should not dwell on one topic alone, let the preach teach good morals, let us rebuke bad things that do happen in our societies than dwelling on prosperity messages.

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